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Founder of KHLOÉNOVA Natural Beauty & Couture House, PURE Beauty Shop, The Abundant Life Foundation Ministry, "Kings & Queens Christian TV Network".


Polina Mladenova


Polina K.Mladenova is a British/Bulgarian visionary entrepreneur leader, mother, and author, public speaker, whose mission is to empower kingdom leaders and believers through teaching key revelations of the Word of God, so that they can manifest the Kingdom of God in their lives by helping them to develop the full potential that God has already put in them, and to fulfill their highest calling, to become agents of impact and change through Christ.

She was born again over two decades ago, but reborn again in Hillsong church with the committed decision not to settle for less, but to receive God's full promises, and blessings, and live the abundant prosperous life He had promised her to have.

Being an Entrepreneur for over 25 years, now she is the founder of KHLOÉNOVA Beauty & Couture House, PURE Beauty Natural Cosmetics & Perfumes Lines, The Abundant Life Show, The Natural Beauty & Fashion TV SHOW, Kings & Queens TV Network streaming to millions of viewers globally, author of the Kings & Queens in Slavery Book, The Black Bible Business Billionaire Book for Entrepreneurs, and many other Master Mind Educative Business Programs that will Teach you, Empower you and Equip you to be Prosperous in all areas of your life. Build you up to be a better Leader and Impac your Industries, Communities, and Lives. 

Become a Kingdom Builder program will help you to start your own business from home by working with our Licensed digital products ready for distribution. For more information gets in touch and download the catalog. The program is designed to give leaders and entrepreneurs flexibility and unlimited income by enriching the lives of their families. 

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