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The Royal Keys to Surplus World Tour Screen Premiere

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The Keys to Surplus is a factual documentary produced and hosted by Polina Mladenova.

It’s based on a Real story of how these Principles Laws can transform scarcity into an unlimited Abundance in every area of your life. The revelation about how to manifest your higher potential within and live your destiny life full of purpose.

The revelation about the Power of the Mind, the Power of the Words, the Power of the Vision, the character of the true Leader Entrepreneur and the possession of the unlimited supply from the marketplace. The Key principles can be applied in everyday life, and only when they come to your lifestyle and master the habits to use them, you can go to the next level of your breakthrough, until overflows. Understanding that you are the only limit and that you have the authority to change any circumstances. The Keys principles will reveal on how to Walk, Talk, and Act like a Kings and Queen in Life, in order to Lead, Impact and Influence your Communities, Industries and businesses. Pursuing your Purpose, Reaching your Destiny.

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How does it look like your 2023?

What goals do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to meet? Who do you want to become?


In this conference, you will learn about the keys to creating the best life from your highest potential How to create your own Values, not the ones the society has, and create your own Goals in Life and Business. Learn How to block those negative comments and thoughts from people around. Create better Daily Habits to transform your Life. Developing your Full Potential, Creating New Values, and Set Goals in Life and Business. Becoming a great Leader and becoming Financially Free.

Design the Life that you always dreamed of!

"Thoughts Design your Future

Words Create that Future

Planing Make Manifest it'' Polina


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Vision & Entrepreneur On Fire Show Tour

Having International guests entrepreneurs, leaders, and authors from all industries, share their difficult moments, their dreams and visions, their goals, and how they reached them through business strategies and self-development. Including a leadership mindset, the importance of training and mastering skills, beliefs, and thoughts, in order to overcome any obstacles and thrive.

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The Abundant Life Show Tour

A God's way of life for having an Abundance in every area. Manifesting the Kingdom of God through the Marketplace. Learn How to transform your Life, Finances, Business, and relationship through the Power of the Word of God on a daily basis. Rediscover the potential within, transforming daily habits to see breakthroughs faster. Learning about Keys Principles for your Next level of Prosperity until it Overflows.

Business Strategies for Expansion / Leads & Marketing / Mindset & Leadership


Learn Kingdom Laws, Principles works, no matter of your background, no matter of your education, no matter of your current circumstance, no matter of your colour.


Make these principles your own, create your own blueprint of your own economy. God is your bank, and you are the manager of His economy here on earth.


Join us and receive Exclusive Offers

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The Book will help you learn Principles & Laws, the Power of the Mind, the Power of the Words, and the Power of the Vision, that you could apply in your Life, Business, and experience Unlimited Abundance.Becoming a better leader, and Living from the inside out. The Key Principles will reveal how to Walk, Talk, and Act like Kings / Queens in Life, in order to Lead, Impact, and Influence your Communities, Industries, and Businesses. Pursuing your Purpose, Reaching your Destiny.

Pré-Visualização Film

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Ticket Sale


Conference Cities

Building up Leaders, Transforming Lives 
Living the Exceedingly Abundant Life

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